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Youth Soccer Equipment

Youth soccer equipment comes in a variety of sizes
shapes and qualities. The early years of youth involved
in sports are very important. These early years will
determine whether or not a player is comfortable in the
boots, uniforms, which include shin pads, and the type of
weather and field conditions that they will encounter.
In addition to this of course and not less important is the
style of coaching. These factors along with parental
influences will determine whether or not the youth
remains in the sport.

Youth soccer equipment has to be of a good enough
quality so that these youth do not get injured from
inferior manufacturing standards.
The equipment also needs to fit properly so that the
youth has a comfortable performance.
This means not being hindered by incorrect sizes either
 because they were hand-me-downs, or being bought for
next year, or may be a little tight from last year.

Most youth have bought into the "branding" of products
through either their parents or their peers.
It is important to note that different brands also offer
similar fits, styles, colours, but little different ranges
throughout their product line.


Steve September of On The Ball Soccer Training has been involved in soccer for over forty years and on three continents. As a player, player coach and high performance coach Steve wants to share the knowledge and experiences with all levels of people involved in the soccer scene.

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