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World Cup Soccer 


World Cup Soccer

World Cup Soccer takes place every 4 years and in
different locations in the world. It is organized by the
Federation of International Football Associations
The 2010 World Cup Soccer was held in South Africa and in
many different locations and venues throughout
South Africa.
If you want to go to this fantastic soccer event then
check out this link;

 World Cup 2014 will be held in Brazil

Soccer's World Cup is the most prestigious game in
the world as it has the largest viewership and participants.

As a sporting event it is only rivalled by the Olympics.
Soccer is also in the Olympics and the 2008 gold medals
went to;
Argentina (men's) over Nigeria and
USA (women's) over Brazil.

However FIFA as imposed limitations
(only 3 over 23 year old players) to the Olympic Games
to ensure that the World Cup remains the
largest single soccer event.

All the news on the progress of the facilities in
South Africa for the 2010 World Cup check
the link below