soccer training skills

Choosing the best soccer
equipment for your needs

Soccer equipment analysis and resources

Your performance as a soccer player and your recommendation as a soccer coach will benefit from a solid understanding of equipment (clothes and practice equipment) and related issues. Many players and coaches are casual in their approach, but a degree of soccer equipment analysis will pay off.

Also, a blessing of the internet age is that it no longer matters what resources are available to you locally - you can examine a wide range of soccer equipment online and even buy online if you can find a match to your needs - some online deals will beat anything you can find locally.


While there's a lot of individual expression and even fashion involved in today's choices, the fundamentals are still safety and performance. For example, loose fitting gear and old equipment can be dangerous. It can also result in a lack of confidence in performance.

I remember the case of a little girl whose boots were the wrong size, too big. She ended up kicking the ground and not the ball. After she came back from her injury (hyper extended ankle ligaments), she wouldn't kick a ball, only run around accompanying her friends on the field. Let's protect our youth by making sure they have a positive experience.

 Soccer Gear

Soccer Shoes (cleats)

The interesting thing about cleats is that they are one of the only part of personal equipment that is unique. Other than hair styles the cleats and sometimes shin guards make the player unique and stand out in a crowd.

I have a full page on this topic, with lots of advice here.

Shin Guards

Understanding that quality matters is the key to choosing a good pair of shin guards.

Children (5-10) should have lots of ankle and Achilles tendon coverage.

Make sure that resources, like fitting charts, are available for a specific product.

Everybody has the "best", but what is the best for you and your specific situation? To help you make an informed decision, find out how to buy the right shin guards, what materials to look for, and how to determine the correct size.

Why settle for second best when you are developing a quality product, the future soccer player?


Soccer Jerseys

For information on soccer jerseys go to this page.

Practice Shirts

Also known as bibs and pinnies, practice shirts should be an age appropriate size, be able to cover the complete top and most important, be easy to put on and take off. Yes that's right, large and loose and definitely "COOL".

Soccer Equipment

I recommend very light and portable goals.

Make sure that you check all your equipment before all practice sessions. This is the same principle you use on game day.

Check the fields for problem areas, nets and goals for stability...etc.

In other words, anything that can affect your team, players and the game should be taken care of. Mention these concerns to the games officials and other team or teams.

Always look for additional resources, like parks board officials or grounds-keepers. Don't settle for second best or temporary solutions to a "real" problem.

Training equipment is also important so make sure that the equipment is light and durable. I recommend resistance bands that will aid in plyometric training.

There are always new and innovative ideas being brought forth by corporations, companies and individuals. Try to keep pace with all that is being offered and you will make informed choices.


Remember FUN is the name of the game.