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Soccer Scholarships, how to find what is right for you


Soccer scholarships are the way to go for those aspiring youth, who are willing to play soccer while they further their education. It is great to be able to find the correct academic placement for the Youth Soccer player. As these youth turn into the young adults they will venture away from home base. Some of them near and some very far, even to the extent of being placed internationally. This is something to be encouraged!

The youth soccer player doesn't have to be the best player or have the highest grades in order to acquire a good number of soccer scholarships. There are quite a few universities and colleges that are not at the highest levels of competition that still offer great courses and soccer scholarships. But obviously, the best soccer players with the best grades will normally obtain the best that is offered out there.

Here you will find some insights into the methods and the routes that might be followed. The minimum preparation time needed is 3 years, and I advise registering with


 Marketing the Soccer Player

Early preparation


  • Having a soccer photo album, scrapbook, or portfolio that has all the events and accomplishments that the player has achieved is great. This is like an archive of sorts and good to dig into when you need to pad a resume.


  • Any memorabilia from tournaments and write ups from local and community papers is also important as a base to start the collection of accomplishments.


  • Collect team pictures, be they from the clubs or other events, they will come in handy.


  • Any standing from the results of tournaments is also great. Remember that placing third in a state or provincial tournament might not look good to you but a lot of colleges realize that many other teams didn't even make it to those events.

Stay positive about the youth soccer player.

Remember to encourage the youth player to play for their school teams as there is a lot of print and sometimes visual media that covers these events.


  • Try to get some member from the team to photograph games. Sometimes you can even go as far as get a professional in to get the entire team highlighted and the team can share the expenses.


  • A great video can enhance your chances of acquiring a better soccer scholarship.

Academic preparation

Allowing at least 3 years for is not always enough. The start of high school is even better. Your youth soccer player can only achieve a better balance in life by focusing on the future. This sort of planning can also carry on into the life of the player and their families.

Be prepared to also change focus on the academics if there are too many other factors that will hinder the scholastic performance. Sometimes the youth player is just too "busy" to concentrate on academics alone. Try to reach a balance in the life of the youth player, and remember to leave room for a lot of Fun and Friends.

Try to be realistic about the youth players academic standings. Have a school councillor involved in the planning and follow up with the academics, but stay in touch as most are busy doing other things. Try to not rely on one opinion when it comes to the future of soccer scholarships. Tailor your choices of colleges to the stream that the youth player is comfortable with. Don't put an arts student into a science field. It is just too frustrating for all those involved especially the youth player. Remember this when you are considering the Athletic Scholarship.

Some schools and community soccer organization will not have the ability to deal with the mental aspect of achieving best performances.