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South American Soccer

South American Soccer/Futbol:

This continent has produced the most football playing experts in the world, and their collective technical abilities have set the stage for the world to follow. Their passion is unrivalled and is a beacon for others worldwide to follow.

So, is it in the air, the water, the food, the music, the dance or all these aspects combined? Do all these traits run in the blood? Or does it dance in the blood?

  The other soccer disciplines that were initiated and developed in South America are indoor soccer in its various forms. These are the varieties of Futsal and the ever growing Beach Soccer.

The first individual sport played on the moon was golf. Will the first team sport be a kind of soccer?

Many of the successes of soccer programs and the development of national teams can be attributed to the export of the South American players and especially coaches to the European and Asian countries. Brazil has spearheaded this explosion and the world has benefited. This is really evident in the type of Futbol played in Asian Soccer.

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