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Asian Soccer, an emerging force


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Soccer has always been popular as a national sport in many Asian countries. It is truly the world's most widely played sport, and enjoys the support of almost all Asian countries.

Most of the very competitive Asian countries on the world soccer scene have invited some of the best players and coaches in the world to aid in the development of national and community based programs.

This is also for the development of women's and youth training centres along with soccer at the club level.

Some countries will not hesitate in spending the effort to attract the best from as far away as Brazil and Holland. This inevitably will fast track the potential of the sport in those given countries. It will also ensure a new generation of international stars, both male and female who can contribute to the growth of the sport in other countries.

FIFA has broadened its base and influence by having additional links to specific emerging countries, and Thailand is no exception. Soccer players, or "Footballers" have cult status in some countries. It is also great to see that these footballers are truly appreciated internationally. Asia has homegrown heroes and international icons.

Japan and Korea have proved that they are capable of hosting and developing the highest levels of soccer talent. They jointly hosted a "World Cup".
Soccer is a game for the world and everybody should feel that they can participate at any level.

It is great to see some of the most notable players taking a front seat in the battle against hatred. Learn more about this movement by checking out Kick Out Racism.
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