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In the Zone for soccer


Being "In the Zone" for soccer refers to the heightened state of mental awareness.
It is the complete mental package and picture that is necessary for the enhanced performance of soccer competition.

The "ZONE" is the state of being whereby everything that you have worked for comes together. Of course this does not only apply to sports but all of life's great endeavours.

Characteristics of being... "IN THE ZONE"

1. Relaxed

The days of getting psyched up to play are over. Research has shown over and over that the best performances occur when you are just slightly above your normal state of arousal, not at the extreme end of the spectrum as once thought.

You are energized, yet relaxed.

It's a subtle balance of quiet intensity. Your mind is calm and your body is ready to go. You feel relaxed, but you are able to move with great strength and ease.

2. Confident

Not letting a lapse in performance undermine your belief in your overall abilities is at the core of this characteristic.

When you are playing well, you feel confident that no matter what you are up against, you are going to come out on top. You just exude with confidence and pride, and it is evident in your performance. There is no fear.

Confidence on the inside is outwardly shown by way of your presence, your walk and your facial expressions.

You should expect to be successful, not hope or wish to be successful. You must adopt a confident, winning attitude.

It is trusting your instincts and intuition to do the right thing at the right time; and if you are prepared, you can be confident that this will happen. This complete faith allows you to just know that you are going to do everything necessary to be successful without the conscious use of reasoning or analyzing.

3. Completely focused

You are totally absorbed in the moment. You have no memory of the past and no qualms about the future; you are here now.

The only thing you are concentrating on is the task at hand. You are oblivious to everything else going on around you, consumed by the moment.

Like a child playing with his toys, you are so absorbed in the moment that nothing outside can effect you.

You have no real sense of time, and before you know it, the game is over. The game seems to have flown by, and at the same time, everything you did seemed to happen in a slowed-down pace with great precision and concentration.

Having the ability to stay in the moment is a gift that all of peak performers have. This is essential for all soccer players and even coaches.

4. Effortless

Things just sort of happen with little or no effort whatsoever. All your moves are smooth and for that time, your sports seems like the easiest thing in the world.

You are in a state of mind and body where you can accomplish great things with little effort. Your mind and body are working with one another in perfect unison.

The grace and ease that you display make everything you do seem like the simplest task in the world. You have a sense of finesse and grace, even when the task is very gruelling and demanding. You can imagine the best soccer game and practice and use this as your focal point.

That sort of connectedness and moment of greatness is an awesome thing to both witness and take part in.

5. Automatic

There is no interference from your thoughts or emotions. Things are just happening, both without protest and without consent.

You are on auto pilot - just reacting to whatever comes your way. Your body just seems to know what to do without any directive from you.

There is no conscious thought involved; you're going strictly on your instincts. If you think less, you will achieve more.

6. Fun

When you're in the flow, the enjoyment is incomparable to anything else. You feel like when you were a kid enjoying your sport with pure and innocent delight.

Anyone can see in your eyes the satisfaction and fulfillment the sport of soccer gives you. You feel like your sport is giving you back something that you can't get from anyone or anything else.

This is a key factor because if you don't enjoy your sport, your future in it will be limited.

7. In Control

You feel that no matter what, you are in control. What you think and want to happen will.

You have ultimate command over your emotions as well - you are controlling them, not the other way around.

When you are in control, you are in charge. You govern your own destiny.

When you feel this strong of a command over your game, great things are sure to happen. The authority is yours, and no one else's.

I appreciate you visiting and reading this page, as it will enhance your experience with and performance in soccer.