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Soccer Equipment for Goalies

Soccer goalies need special equipment

The job of a goalkeeper is extremely important in any sport, and in soccer involves catching, jumping, and diving, things which other players don't do, or at least shouldn't during a game! Naturally goalies need special equipment for this, and it makes sense to get good quality so that their body can be protected as much as possible from the bumps, bruises and sprains that their bodies are subjected to.



Goalie Gloves

Soccer goalies spend a lot of their time catching the ball, or punching it out of the way, so it is vital that their hands are protected as much as possible, while still having the flexibility to move the fingers for gripping the ball.


Goalie Pants and Shorts

When it comes to goalkeeping pants, it's a personal choice whether to go with the full length padded pants for full protection and warmth, or the padded shorts for warmer days.


Goalie Jerseys

If you need a soccer goalkeeping jersey or have a favourite goalie, and you would like one of their goalie jerseys, then you need to go here.

Goalie Accessories

Now, having kitted yourself out with good equipment you need to take good care of it, or you may want to consider a soccer helmet or training balls. You can investigate these here.