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Soccer Training and the 3 Pillars to Success

Training for soccer


Soccer training is divided into 3 pillars:

1) Fitness
2) Technical Skills
3) Mental Preparation

Plan to use these components while designing your practices. It doesn't matter what level of athletes you are coaching, these 3 pillars should be your guide. They are completely integrated and inseparable. 

Fitness is the physical capacity to carry out the tactics and strategy of the team, while performing the technical skills with proficiency for the duration of the entire game.

Soccer training offers all these in combination.
Fitness training should be:

  • age appropriate
  • performance outcomes specific
  • geared towards the appropriate competitions.

When testing for fitness consider the 3M solution
1) Measureable; this is to see progress over the course
    of the season
2) Manageable; be incremental but not over loaded as
    to cause injuries
3) Motivational; be able to cause an internal and external
    level of competitiveness

Look for or consider designing programs that are soccer
specific and geared towards your team.
There is a world of variety in development.

Check out all these opportunities
Weight training for soccer,
Pilates and soccer,
and Combined Training.

Soccer training programs require the most effective and correct type of equipment.

Technical Skills
Technical skill is the ability to control the ball with your body at any given time. These skills are both on the ball and off the ball awareness. The younger your players are the less technical information they need to understand or be aware of.

Children need to have fun and participate with their peers. All players need time on the ball.

This starts a cycle in motion ...

  • the more touches...
  • the better creativity...
  • the more confidence...
  • the better performance...
  • the more fun...
  • the more touches on the ball.

Weight training and Plyometrics increases the potential of the soccer training results. This is a very specific training regime that will ensure that the players and athletes reach their full potential. I strongly recommend you use plyometrics in your training if you are an Advanced or High Performance coach.
Here is a great link for more information;

Mental Preparation
Mental preparation is the ability to use your mind to overcome a variety of challenges facing you at any given time, before, during and after the game. Dig deeper into this subject by going to the Mental Focus page.

Now you have reached a comfortable and competant level of the 3 pillars.
You can delve into the complex realm of;

Tactics and Strategies

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