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Brazilian Youth Soccer players on the international stage

Brazil's Youth soccer players set a new direction even though the Brazil's player exports have been of a high quality for decades. This is a brief look at some of the latest impact players to grace the international stage. These players have added a major competitive edge in their respective clubs from their starts at the intra national level, to the European premier clubs and their exposure to the international platforms.


He was an integral part of the AC Milan team in 2004/2005, usually playing in a supportive role behind team mate and good friend striker Andriy Shevchenko. This is usually in a five man midfield. He scored seven goals in 36 league appearances, winning the Italian Super Cup.

However, the team failed domestically, losing the Serie A title to Juventus, and losing the UEFA Champions League final to Liverpool on penalty kicks.

In the last year Kaka has been a focal point and the go-to man that changes the complexion of the game at hand. He has become more aggressive and focussed on attacking more than ever before rather than the supportive player from the past.

His greatest goal is considered to be the one he scored against Fenebaçhe SK in AC Milan's first game in the 2005/2006 Champions League; won 3-1 by the Rossoneri. Kakà started his run from midfield and skipped past three tackles before entering the area and finishing with a low shot under the goal-keeper.


Robinho's performances over the past three years had attracted the attention of the great clubs from Europe, but Santos were reluctant to let him go (foreseeing a possible decay of the club's playing strength).

He finally left Brazil in the summer of 2005 and started his European club career with Spanish giants Real Madrid. On July 31 Spanish La Liga giants Real Madrid agreed a fee of about 30 million US$ for the striker. Robinho joined the side on August 25, and teamed up with fellow Brazilian and mentors, internationals Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and Julio Baptista to make his debut against Cadiz. He came on as substitute in the second half. In the last 6 months he has been placed in more of an attacking midfield role. He has been bringing the ball through the left side and striking at the goal while also creating opportunities to be a set up player rather than a pure striker.

When he packs on the weight in muscle as Ronaldo had we will be a dynamo more so then he is now.


During the 2004 Confederations Cup, Adriano was named Player of the Tournament. In the final, he steered Brazil to an unforgettable victory. Two outstanding goals helped Brazil to top Argentina 4-1, the first one coming from a blistering left-footed shot in the 11th minute. The second came as a result of a Cicinho cross, with Adriano heading it in. The goal made him the tournament's top scorer with five goals overall. He is the proverbial "Bull in a China shop" and is virtually unstoppable because of his height and weight (mass). This coupled with his aggressive style is making him a new dimension on the front line of any team. When this young man gets the experience he needs in international play and stays injury free he will be head for a FIFA player of the year award like many of his fellow Brazilians.

A good indication of his goal scoring prowess is examined by the following statistics; From 11 July 2004 through 25 June 2005, Adriano has scored an impressive total of 40 goals.

They have come from an assortment of matches (28) including appearances in: Serie A, Coppa Italia & Champions League games for Inter in 2004/05; Copa America, South American World Cup qualifying, and Confederations Cup games for Brazil.

Currently Adriano plays for Inter Milan.

So the future of Brazil is in good hands with the continuation of these types of products of Brazilian Youth.


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