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Soccer cleats, choosing the best for you

Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats are the most noticeably different article of the uniform. The cleat is a statement of individuality and the latest in fashion. Also known as football cleats, man's soccer cleat, soccer shoes, soccer footwear and in places like Zambia (Africa) they are fondly called "shooters".


These soccer footwear items have undergone a technological evolution, just like the rest of the uniform. They are lighter, brighter and more flexible.

However some people will still maintain that there is nothing better than the multi-studs. The discussion still rages on whether it is multi's or blades,... then which company or brand carries the best blades or multi-studs.

The proof is in the wearing and then on the variety of surfaces and differing weather conditions. So the question is also an environmental one.

As the variety of brands also offer differing fits according to their general markets. Yes, people in different parts of the world have different foot shapes. This is aided in their need to have their own size charts.

 If you ever think about buying cleats online, you'll need access to a guide to soccer cleat sizing; just click on the following links and you'll find some useful charts, Soccer cleat sizing chart  

 Find the correct size

Go to your local family shoe store and get measured for your correct size. Find your size on the chart and use that as a reference when choosing the soccer footwear you desire.

Remember that there is cross over and some larger companies will and can offer 1/2 and even 1/4 sizes.

Write the size down and you will not be guessing as you might have tried on many soccer footwear items to get that great fit. Make sure that you have the correct width and which brand provided you with that special soccer cleat fit.


Please buy the correct size of shoe for the growing soccer player. Nothing is worse than getting shoes that don't fit now but you can grow into. This is just inviting foot problems in years to come. These are physiological problem, not to mention the psychological problems that can arise from non-confidence in the soccer performance.

Footwear that is too loose will slide and need extra toe grip and can lead to malformation of the foot. Soccer cleats that are too tight will lead to blistering, sores and inability to run freely without pain.

Even people in the same family will have a different foot shape. The foot will imprint into the sole and footbed making it uncomfortable for someone else to wear. So hand-me-downs can also cause problems.

If your growing child and their team-mates need new soccer cleats or football footwear, try buying in larger quantities through a club or school. This way you can pool your resources and spend a little extra to save a lot. If your less privileged adult's team needs new soccer cleats, buy them as a team at the beginning of the season. Look for close-outs if necessary, that is if style and colour aren't the issue.

In some countries the weather is quite varied throughout the year. The more rain, the more you should be inclined to have a pair of six studded soccer cleats, if you are playing on a grass field. The drier the field conditions the shorter the studs should be. The same applies for the different variations of blades.

Studded soccer cleats should not be worn on indoor surfaces. There are a variety of indoor shoes available for the variety of surfaces. Indoor floor conditions can vary from hard " carpet" to ultra-soft "artificial turf" that looks like grass.

Please be aware that some of these surfaces have a lot of rebound qualities. This means that the soccer footwear you choose should have the type of support you need for those specific types of surfaces.

Serious consideration should be given to training in the same soccer footwear that you play in. Many people still have the idea that they are keeping their best boots for the best games.  When it comes to performing they fall short of their perfromance because they are not accustomed to the feel of the fit of their "great" boots. However, this does not apply to indoor training and then going to the great outdoors and playing.

Congratulations for picking the best soccer cleats.

 It requires more knowledge than luck.

Support the feet that support YOU.