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Soccer Goalkeeper Training

Soccer Goalkeeper training is a world of its own.

Skills and technical training are of vital importance when it
comes to soccer goalkeeper training.
In this position; we're going to talk about physical
and mental fitness, skills development and equipment.
Since it is the only position on the field that allows the ball
to be touched by the hands and arms, the individual
goalkeepers have an advantage over all the other players
on the field. This makes soccer goalkeeper training not
only unique but challenging.



Soccer Goalkeepers are the last line of defence, and often the first line of the offense, depending on the style of play.

Also known as "goalies" or "keepers", these individuals are
a breed apart. They will put their bodies in harms way to
stop or block a shot on goal. They will dive in any direction
to get the ball.

Soccer Goalkeeper Training is also very physically demanding.
Build the skills and technical training step by step.

The most important thing to remember is the goalies' mental state. The only other player on the team who can be
compared to the goalkeeper is a goal hungry striker.
In fact some of the best goalies were also strikers.

There are often great one-on-one battles at all levels
between forwards and goalies.

Goalkeepers are also the leaders of the teams and usually
have dominant personalities. These individuals must be
helped to fulfill this role by being placed in a vocal and demonstrative capacity. They are definitely leaders in the
18 yard box, and should be allowed to gain respect from
their team.

The ball can only be handled by the goalie in the 18 yard box. Anyone else who is unfortunate to let the ball touch an arm,
a free kick is given against them. In the case of the goalkeeper's team mate, it is a penalty shot from "the spot".

Help build the goalkeepers' character and skills with youth goalkeeper training.

Physical Fitness

Most successful goalkeepers are tall and thus have long
arms and big hands.
If a goalkeeper is short, they will usually make up for the
lack of height with good vertical and lateral mobility.

Remember that goalies have a great sense of self worth
but still need to be motivated on a regular basis.
Visit the Mental Training, and Youth Soccer pages on this
site for additional information.

Soccer Goalkeepers need to do their general warm ups
with the team, but then branch out and get worked on
with the specific drills that will prepare them for the practice
or game. 

Staying balanced and knowing the center of gravity of the
body is vital to the goalkeeper. This will improve the activity
of the goalie and the state of readiness of the individual to
make impressive gains in a game setting.


Mental Fitness

Soccer Goalkeepers are unique, and need to be respected
for their uniqueness. They also require a well balanced
approach to the game. The need to have good reaction speed.

The mental training regime for goalies not only requires affirmations but also focusing techniques. This will aid in
their abilities to stay calm under pressure, while still remaining
a leader with the force to guide their teams through tense situations. Often what a goalkeeper does and says can affect their team's performance, positively and negatively.

As a result goalkeepers also need to be encouraged to relay
their messages in a positive manner to their team mates. Therefore language and attitude become important.

Although the largest and most well respected sport in the
world, soccer still remains a sport of fun rather than just business. This should be kept in mind when advancing the
team to higher levels of competition. Soccer is a reflection
of life, with all that life has to offer, including building great
and lasting relationships.

Skills Development

In order for the correct skills to be developed the right type
of equipment needs to be available.
Check out this highly recommended site,
Goalkeepers in motion.

Diving and rolling are key to the success of a goalkeeper.
This means that the correct techniques need to be acquired
so that the goalie doesn't hurt themselves.
If you need to get some pointers from gymnastics then
do so, as this will increase the confidence level of the goalie
and thus make it easier to go to the next level.

Acrobatics is a major component of goalkeeping and needs to
be used to ensure the goalie has the right skills to carry out
the variety of tasks at hand.

Soccer Equipment

Make sure your goalkeeper has the right equipment and that
it is correctly fitted. For help with this go here.
For more information go to Soccer GoalKeeper Training Links.

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