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Soccer Links

The following soccer links are a comprehensive list of sites that cover the world of soccer. These sites are also linked to other great resources that I use on a semi-regular basis because I enjoy a variety of opinions and ideas to help me become more tuned in to the contemporary soccer scene.

Take a look at the following sites as they can help you expand your search for the best in the soccer world.

the best posters around

body perfect fitness

Soccer in British Columbia-Canada

Soccer game equipment information

soccer injuries in depth

Coerver coaching international



African Soccer

For a comprehensive look at African soccer, check out this at CAF.

Check this great source of information on African Soccer.

Catch the latest on your favourite African Players.


  Asian Soccer

For a good taste of the magnitude of the sport go to

Find out more about these power-houses through their national football associations and federations at  and

Additional information can be found at these national  and there is


 Beach Soccer

You can also find more about the evolvement of the beach soccer scene at the following links:


  Caribbean Soccer

News from around the Caribbean





Take a good look here at hughston

For comprehensive information on the issues of injuries I highly recommend going to sports-injury-info.




For a more in depth history of the sport go to History of Futsal,

For the Indoor game in North America try the following Associations in the USA.

and in Ontario where cold Canadian winters are HOT.


 Long Term Development

Help advance your skills techniques with Animated soccer drills.

Get the edge on your weight training program by including Plyometric Training.

Soccer Training Skills is proud to present Body-Perfect-Fitness.

For Long term development for health and welfare, I strongly recommend checking out the following sites World-of-Magnets,


  Mental Focus

These sites will help you understand the direction you might want to take mental focus and building self esteem , and motivating your players.

Additional information can also be found at this highly recommended site mental modules for higher performance .


  Soccer Cleats


  Soccer Coaching Tips

You will reach peak performance at this site.

I also recommend checking out great ideas for youth training,

and youth training programs.


  Soccer Goalkeeper Training

Go to this site for technical information on plyometrics training,

Basic warm up drills can be found at Soccer goalkeeper skills and technical training Soccer goalkeeper skills and technical training,


  Soccer Equipment


  Soccer History


  Soccer Injuries

When you are faced with soccer injuries and related problems I highly recommend you do more research by visiting Sports-injury-info Also try Sports-injury-clinic.


  Soccer Laws

You can find more information at For Parents.


  Soccer Nutrition

Try the following for starters at;

excellent nutritional salads.


  Soccer Parent

These sites give chiropractic information and nutrition resources.

Consider the following site, a soccer parent's guide to coaching children.


  Soccer Referee

For a better understanding of the accreditation process, go to the BCSoccer Referees Association.

Also, this site about Youth Soccer Referees is a great place to start getting the info you need.

If you are a referee,  Scotland's Referees.

Ask a Referee those burning questions and notice that you are not alone in finding out the interpretation of the law.

Also find great info at The on going Debate.

Additional resources will be found at Football Referees.


  Soccer Speed Training

Try these highly recommended sites, Training Links, active speed training, and plyometric training.


  Soccer Training

Take a look at the world of plyometrics.


  South American Soccer

The following links will help you to recognize the vast complexity of the game know in South America as Futbol.

CONMEBOL a site in Spanish ...but translatable, the latest news from the South American Soccer scene.

The latest news from the press.

Additional information on the world of South American can be found here at, 360soccer.



For a better understanding of stretching dynamics try Sports Fitness Advisor.


  Weight Training for Soccer

Try, soccer training thoughts for coaches, Girls can jump, and peak performance.


  Womens Soccer

Self esteem is recommended reading for better coaching results.

For higher levels of training, try this site on plyometrics training. Check out this site for motivating your players. To feel the spirit of the health of the sport, please go to women's soccer.