soccer training skills

Beach Soccer, the sands of time

Wow, you can't just go to the beach anymore, just to lay
down in the sand with the sun and surf as your best friends.
You have to take a soccer ball with you and really sweat out there while you get tanned.

Here is a breif overview of this growing sport:

Why just lay around when you can play soccer? Never did the beach have a better purpose. The beach ball has developed a new identity and so are born beach soccer and beach

For some strange reason, some even combine the two sports, beach soccer and beach volleyball and the game is further enhanced or complicated.
This is designed to keep the creative flow of the
evolvement of sports. It has soccer at its roots.
Take it a step further and you have a local tournament, like
the one there is in Vancouver, Canada.

Then you have to fast forward this event to the modern day
and see that there is an international tournament sanctioned
by FIFA.