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Soccer helps kids

Soccer helps kids;

Helping the children through sport ensures that they are direct participants in building and re-building their futures.Soccer helps kids is a great place tp start.
People might rely on hand outs but also want a say in becoming independant.
It is human pride to do for yourself and make your mark through your accomplishments, both big and small.
Our children learn this from us.
Those less fortunate need a hand "IN" as well as a "hand-out".
To help children the world over try the Soccer helps kids links below.

Right to Play

Sports for Youth


Your individual team and community club can also help by participating in local events. You can also encourage the donating of slightly used equipment to those children within your own community and schools who need the equipment.
Giving directly is the most rewarding, so if you can give into your own community first try to do so.
Make your mark with a contribution with soccer helps kids.