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Soccer Jersey

The Soccer jersey says which team you are on, belong to and support.
No other piece of clothing is so coveted. Even opposing teams will exchange
jerseys to remember that great moment in life when they played against "that" team
and "that" player. The soccer jersey is of value for its memories, but it could even
mean millions in currency if it were a player like Pele whose World Cup jersey and
subsequent jerseys are worth the "kings" ransom.


The players and the events keep on growing with the sport as new icons emerge.
Players will keep their team's jerseys from their youth in the treasure box just as
they keep pictures of proof that they were there and a part of a great team.

Most avid soccer players will have a favourite local or community team.
They will have favourite league or club team and of course their country colours
and emblem. While it also spells unity and support it can also mean disunity to a
game and antagonism towards the "other" team.

So the soccer jersey carries hopes, dreams and passion for the game.

Although soccer is life, it is still a sport.

If you have a favourite player or country-man/woman playing in leagues elsewhere,
support them buy wearing their team jersey. If you are lucky enough to get their name
and number, treasure it.

There is one major rule when wearing a soccer jersey.
Also wear a smile.

Have fun locating the best jersey for you at the following merchants.
You might even consider outfitting your entire team. Remember these are
international sites, so pick the best one for you.

Women's sports apparel has reached new heights, especially in
North America.
Soccer apparel is no exception.
Every now and then I come across an issue which is very interesting to me.
Something that warrants some attention or at least a further look.
Since I have two soccer playing daughters who are very fashionable.
They have always told me that there is very little available in the soccer
uniform department.
They often say that these are mens fashions cut to a women's body type
and that we need something different.

Also, remember that youth players also want to look great too. So make sure the
entire family gets into the act.

Show your true colours, show your team spirit.
Have respect for your opponents and the other spectators.

Do it for the LOVE of the game.