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Soccer Referee Gear

The Referee is the authority on the field that keeps the
game more clean, fair and progressive. To help the referee
do the best job possible they have to have the best
soccer referee gear.

There are 4 officials;

1) The Referee - the first and last word on the field of play

2) /3) 2 Linesmen, one for each side and each half of the
field whose job is to call the out of bounds ball, the off-sides
and the fouls that are created in their end of the field.
This is especially those which happen when the referee
is not in those areas.

4) the Fourth official whose job it is to keep accurate time
added on because of stoppages in the game due to injuries
and check the substitutions made during the game.

All of these officials have to have the correct high quality,
officially recognized and comfortable soccer referee gear.

Most clubs in North America are trying encourage the youth
to become referees. The general rule is that these new
referees are at least two years older than the teams that
they are refereeing.
It is very important to encourage these youth to stay in this field.
One way to encourage them is to ensure that they don't get abused
from the over zealous spectators.
These youth are starting and just as the teams, coaches and parents
on the side lines they will make mistakes.

We all learn from our mistakes and hope to become better,
not bitter.
Some of these youth have such a love for the game that
they want to be apart of it all the time.
Others get injured playing soccer but still want to participate.
Maybe they were injured because of a lack of control on
the field and like many of us feel that we can make a difference.
In addition some will do it for the extra pocket money while
getting satisfaction for a job well done.


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