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 Soccer Team Strategy With 5-5 Positional Set Up

by Steve September



5, defenders,

The soccer team has new positional dynamics with this formation.

The addition to this defensive style is a central defender who can control the play from the back line.

This defender could also be an attacking player who will feed through balls to the striker. In addition to this the play maker will help create and initialze an attack from the defensive edge of the mid-field.

It can be thought that this player is also a mid-field player when the attack is mounted.

In real soccer, when your team has the ball, everybody becomes an attacker.

This team has this formation of positions in order not to lose.

They do not want goals scored against them and are usually willing to have a single goal scored for them and will to play for a draw albeit 0-0.

It is also possible that their goalkeeper is not the "best" in the league.

It is however possible that this team has also be set up to play a strong attacking team.

This would mean that the coaching staff has done their homework and scouted the opposition.

All in all this team is more prepared to defend as opposed to attack.

This team is an opportunistic attacking team and usually against the run of play.

This happens when the opposing team has made or been forced to make a mistake.

5, midfielders,

Two outside/wing players who dominate the sides of the field. They also act as attackers creating many scoring opportunities for their teams.

These are hard working players and a usually super-fit. However sometimes after a few runs on the side these two can switch with the two inside players for a rest.

If this is possible, the team can keep their opponents confused and always looking for changing plays and positions.

This type of positonal play can not be defended by a man-on-man team defense. This requires a good zone defense and a constantly communicative team.

The 2 inside players are usually defensive in their roles but will become part of the attack when their team has possession. They will generally use the central midfielder to create plays and control the tempo of the game.

The tactical aspect of this team is to play within 2 thirds of the field at a time.

When defending they will remain in the defensive and middle thirds of the field.

While the attack is on the defense tries to occupy the middle third.

This is to gain space and pressure the opposing team to remain in their own defensive end.

This allows for an attack of the goal by 5 players at a time. Not that other systems doesn't allow this, but it is systematic in its nature and creates these opportunities.

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