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 Soccer Team Positions and Strategies

With 3-5-2 Set Up

by Steve September


3, defenders,

These three are very confident that they can handle a lone striker or two forwards. They are also reliant on a good defensive midfield.

On the attack these players will play wide positions. On the defense these players will be more compact and allow the outside midfields to aid in the wider positions.

At times the inside mid-fielders will "show" for the ball. This creates an additional attack from the centre of the pitch as the mid-fielders become out let players. They are trying to convert the play by maintaining possession.

5, midfielders,

Two outside/wing players who dominate the sides of the field. They also act as attackers creating many scoring opportunities for their teams.

These are hard working players and a usually super-fit. However sometimes after a few runs on the side these can switch with inside players for a rest.

If this is possible, the team can keep their opponents confused and always looking for changing plays and positions.

This type of positonal play can not be defended by a man on man team defense. This requires a good zone defense and a constantly communicative team.

The 2 inside players are usually defensive in their roles but will become part of the attack when their team has possession. They will generally use the central midfielder to create plays and control the tempo of the game.

The single central midfielder is usually the one who makes the play and communicartes to the team the attacking possibilities.

This individual can also be considered the captal of the team.


These are the main ggoooooooooooalll scoring machines. The ones who react to the ball quickly and are able to shoot from any place on the field. These individuals are also trying to create space for each other and many more scoring opportunities.

To be effective they should work closely together as a team and pair. To this extent they are sometimes called "twin strikers".

They are also responsible for creating space by making the defenders mark them.

They make the defense leave their zonal resposibilities whereby taking them "out of the game".

The strikers also make the defenders tired because of the level of concentration that the defenders have to deal with.

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