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Soccer Practice Routine for training teams


General Soccer Practice Routine

The following practice routine is a guideline of a schedule for your soccer team. It offers a breakdown of the various components to keep the teams moving and motivated.

The times may vary slightly for your soccer practice routine as the season progresses, however remember that there will be transition time added for set up and break down of drills so factor these in.

A hint, while you are setting up a new drill get one of the leaders or captains to lead the team off in stretching techniques. The coach should be the one to ensure that these are done correctly.

During the season the team will be encouraged to stretch independently while the coaching staff sets up the next phase of training.


Soccer Practice Routine


 Activity  time in minutes
 Warm up  7-10
 Stretching (talk about the practice) what is expected 
Decision Training
 Speed and reactive speed work (anaerobic alactic)
Ensure rest intervals ratio
 Training Box (grid) (anaerobic lactic)  7-10
 Water breaks   2
 Small sided games (3x3 and 5x2) Grid related  10-15

Error correction techniques with individual players;
Pull the individual players aside on a systematic basis.
Actually make a schedule so that you ensure that each player gets individual time.
Yes, even the more advanced players need and deserve individual coaching.


 Activity  Time in minutes
 Water break (this is bonding for the athletes)  2
 Scrimmage  10-15
 Cool down and stretch


This can contain speed endurance work depending on Periodization
(add 5 mins. of intensity).
Ask every player what they remember about the practice.
And thank them for coming out.
Remind them to eat and drink like athletes.

Time:........................................52-74 mins.

Added notes:

This is a minimum of two (2) times a week.

Practice to game ratio ideally is 5/1 these are;

2 general...

2 sport specific and...

1 high intensity workout.

If you can only see your team 2 times a week then encourage them to participate in other sports.

This will not only get their fitness level at an optimum, but allows a variety of muscle groups to be developed through cross-training.

Practice Routine #2

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Please monitor any over use injuries as a result of competitive sports.

Visit this site for more information on injuries;

Monitoring injuries as a part of your soccer practice routine.

Have fun out there and enjoy the soccer scene, but first check out

Long Term Development.