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Soccer Nutrition and Mental Focus,

the Mind-Body Link

by Steve September


Soccer Nutrition and Mental Focus;

Food-Brain-Brain-Food link,

We've all heard of the "breakfast on champions".
This is true because it focuses on the daily nurturing of the body to aid the mind in preparation of the events ahead.
It can be a part of a ritual as, proper breathing techniques and adequate liquid consumption.

Focusing on a dietary plan is also preparing the mind for future competitions is a long process.
This is the use of one of the most important issues in life (food), to introduce another important issue (competition), to heighten the all aspects of individual and team performances.

It teaches the players/athletes to cue themselves for their games ahead.
It also prompts acceptable behaviors and fosters conditions of ownership among the players and all those involved in the team.
Nutrition also allows the coaches to use food and other rewards to encourage other acceptable techniques to prepare for a variety of competitions. NO! I'm not encouraging "Pavlovian" psycologial techniques, this is a much longer and indepth process.

Nutrition is only a step in a process towards mental focus.
We have also heard, "strong in body, and strong in mind".
I would suggest that these major components in life are completely intertwined and in fact are, inseperable.
You can win by recognizing this or lose without even knowing that there is a link too or a cause and effect with this issue.

Many of us try and focus on what to eat. This is the first important step in the correct direction.
The flip side to that is what not to eat. This is realizing what is harmful to the player and even the coach.
"Maybe a little more oatmeal and less coffee?" is a good first step towards this solution.

The addition to that is what to eat, and in which combinations.
We have now entered the realm of the ZONE.
This is the area of expertise of the highly qualified nutritionist to deliver the ultimate nutritional plan.
This however can only be successful once the planner knows which competitons lay ahead. The nutritional planner also has to understand the team of athletes and their gender and age specificity.

Steve September of On The Ball Soccer Training has been involved in soccer for over forty years and on three continents. As a player, player coach and high performance coach Steve wants to share the knowledge and experiences with all levels of people involved in the soccer scene. Check out the philosophy and information at

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