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Interested in Soccer
Training Skills
and Soccer Programs?

If you are a soccer coach, or a soccer player, or even just a soccer enthusiast, you will be able to find a lot of important information on this web site.

For a soccer coach you will find soccer training drills, soccer goalkeeper's skills, techniques and goalie training.
You can also find information on the various soccer positions,
the latest in soccer speed training, mental preparation
techniques and nutritional information suited for the sport
of soccer.

As a soccer coach you can also sign up for the latest
mini-courses that are offered to help you become a
better communicator on the soccer field.
If you are a soccer player you will find the latest in youth
soccer equipment, and there is even soccer referee gear.
You will find the latest in soccer jerseys, soccer cleats or
soccer boots, soccer field equipment, soccer accessories
and soccer DVD's showing you the latest soccer moves
and soccer skills.
For the soccer enthusiast, you can find all the information
about virtually everything in the soccer world from the latest World Cup to the entire ranking of soccer nations on the
FIFA web site.

This is information for soccer moms and soccer parents who
are interested in the history of soccer and all the rules of
soccer, or soccer laws.
So have fun and discover all that there is and more from
this web site on the beautiful game of soccer.
Fitness, technical skills, and the mental game are the
major elements of a successful soccer training program.
Soccer coaches and players will discover each of these
covered in depth on this site.

From this perspective, the 3 major pillars to success are:

1) A heightened level of physical fitness
2) A proficient level of technical skills
3) Positive mental imagery

On this site, based on 35 years of coaching at almost every
level of soccer on 3 continents, I offer unique insights into
men's and women's fitness, into coaching female athletes
(very different from coaching boys or men) and also into
youth soccer training, which is again different from adults.

For higher level and top competitions there are 4 wheels
that will drive your soccer machine;
1) Fitness
2) Technical skills
3) Tactical skills and strategies
4) Attitude

A good knowledgeable coach will stear these
in the right direction.

You will discover plans for skills assessment, and evaluation
tools that have been honed over the years.
You can delve into some more advanced areas ...
for example checking out exercise equipment and
weight lifting equipment as they relate to the development
of muscle and fitness.

Have fun exploring and developing new and exciting soccer training skills.

Soccer is a sport which is constantly growing and developing
in its complexity. Find the leaders and innovators and their individual and collective contributions.

Get a good understanding of the many options available in
the sport from the pure recreational end for all the family,
to the highest form of competition, both nationally and internationally.

Study and make your own contributions locally, in your
clubs and communities. Get involved and you will benefit
from the participation.

Look for the many exciting vendors and contributors to
the image of the sport.

Visit this site often as it is continually growing with additional information, links and programs.

Have Fun discovering the wonderful world of soccer.